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Photomechanical Services (Essex) LTD are continually improving on its technical capability, recently upgrading our HASL process to come in line with the Rohs directive, we are always at the forefront of ways to improve and ultimately benefit our customers.

Our front-end PCB manufacturing software allows us to maximise yield rates during production and resolve any potential problem areas prior to PCB manufacture; while the test department allows us to ensure that the product which leaves the factory is exactly to our customer's specification.

Single Sided - Doubled Sided - Plated Through Hole - MultiLayer - Flexbile

Minimum Track Minimum Gap Minimum Hole
5 thou 5 thou 0.30mm

Laminates / Materials
FR4 - Black FR4 - CEM1 - PTFE (Rogers/Neltec/Arlon) - Polyimide

Panel Sizes
Up to 24.00" x 18.00" Plated through
Up to 2.0 meter long x 16.00" Antenna type PCBs

Solder Resist
Photo Imageable (All colours)

Silk Screen
Thermal (All colours)
U.V. Yellow / White

HASL (Lead Free)
Electroless Nickel / Immersion Gold
Hard Gold
Carbon Contacts
Roller Tin (Lead Free)

Roving Probe - Universal double sided double density